About WUC

The WFDF World Ultimate Championships 2024 (WUC 2024) is not just a sporting event; it’s a celebration of athleticism, camaraderie, and the global Ultimate community. Held every four years at diverse international venues, WUC is the pinnacle of competitive Ultimate, attracting the best athletes in the best teams, and the most passionate fans from around the world.

The WUC Impact

Global Reach: With roots dating back to 1983, WUC has grown in prominence, with up to 40 nations expected to participate in the upcoming 2024 event.

Massive Engagement: WUC2016 in London drew 115 teams from 39 nations, featuring over 2,600 participants and 12,000+ spectators. Livestream broadcasts reached a staggering 660,000 views.

Historic Moment: WUC 2024 in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, marks a historic occasion. It is expected to be the largest Ultimate event ever hosted in Australia and the first time the championships are held in the Southern Hemisphere.