About Ultimate

“Ultimate” is a sport involving 2 teams of 7 players, competing on a grass or turf field 100m x 37m using a “Disc”.  The objective is to pass the disc between team-mates and score a point by catching it in the end-zone.  The game is fast paced, highly skilled, athletic and non-contact.   Ultimate shares athletic elements of a number of mainstream sports including Soccer, AFL, NFL and basketball.  At the elite level players are required to have speed, stamina, strength and dexterity.  But the game can be enjoyed by junior and senior players of all levels of ability.

A key aspect of Ultimate is that there are no external referees to adjudicate the game.  The game is managed by the players themselves and requires that they understand and adhere to fundamental principles of mutual respect for the rules and for all other players on the field.  This code, known as “Spirit of the Game” is what separates Ultimate from all other sports and is the foundation for the passionate community of players who play the game in over 100 countries around the world.

For more information see: https://wfdf.sport/disciplines/ultimate/