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G’day and welcome to the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia! The “GC” or “Goldie” is famous for its incredible surf breaks and incredible surfers, its sun-kissed beaches and tropical rainforest wilderness, for its cafes, bars, restaurants and vibrant nightlife.  In 2024 the Gold Coast will light up with the most important Ultimate tournament on the WFDF calendar!

The WFDF 2024 World Ultimate Championships will be hosted on the Gold Coast.  The event will be run over 8 days from Sat. 31st August to Sat. 7th September.

The Gold Coast is Australia’s favourite beach holiday destination with a huge volume of accommodation options to suit a range of budgets and preferences.  Situated in South-East Queensland it has a mild sub-tropical climate that is perfectly suited to Ultimate in early Spring.  It is bordered by lush rainforests and soaring volcanic ranges to the South, the expansive Outback to the West and the spectacular Great Barrier Reef to the North.  It is a short drive from the state capital Brisbane – which will host the 2032 Olympic Games.  It is a beautiful and exciting location which will increasingly become the focus of global attention over the next decade.


The Gold Coast has a sub-tropical climate which is ideal for Ultimate in September (early Spring).  This local climate at this time is typified by blue, cloudless skies with very little rain.  As a coastal location, the Gold Coast experiences a sea breeze most afternoons.  Daytime temperatures average around 21C with evening temperatures dropping to around 15C While it is unlikely to be either extremely hot or cold, players should (as usual) prepare for the possibility of unexpected conditions.

Chart showing Average temps and rainfall for Aug/Sept on the Gold Coast.

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Runaway Bay Sports Precinct will feature up to 19 fields including the main showcase fields (with lighting – for evening showcase games) and grandstands along with the tournament headquarters, merchandise stalls, food & beverage vendors, social and recreational areas.  It will also contain the Guts fields.  The Finals and the Party will all take place at the Runaway Bay venue.

WUC 2024 will be Cash Free!

All purchases made on site including payments for Day Spectator Tickets, merchandise stalls, food trucks and bar will be made using electronic transfer (EFTPOS) using bank debit or credit cards or appropriately enabled phone transfers (eg: apple or phone pay).