Shuttle Bus Transport:
A shuttle bus service is included in the tournament Player/NPTS Guest fee.

A shuttle bus will transport all accredited players, team support and guests between their accommodation and the fields each day

IMPORTANT NOTE:  this service is only available for players who have arranged their accommodation through the ARINEX accommodation booking service OR using the accommodations listed in the BUDGET ACCOMMODATION OPTIONS list. The Tournament hosts cannot guarantee that they can connect the shuttle service to any other accommodations that are arranged independently.

Shuttle buses will leave the accommodation area in time to transport teams and NPTS guests to the playing fields for warm-ups and games.

After the games, buses will be available to bring accredited players and guests back to the accommodation area.

Players and NPTS guests can choose to return right after their games each day OR stay at the Tournament Village to watch the showcase game, have dinner, join social events, and catch a later bus home.

The map below provides details on pick-up and drop-off locations. Bus schedules will be available once the tournament schedule and draw are finalized.