Travel & Visas


The WUC 2024 hosts are thrilled to announce that WUC 2024 has partnered with Qantas to support all the athletes and supporters for the upcoming tournament.  As part of this collaboration, Qantas is offering discounts on selected flights for all registered participants who are travelling to the event from within Australia and internationally.

Qantas is Australia’s most trusted airline, with a reputation for delivering excellent service, safety, and reliability. We are proud to have them on board as our official airline partner for WUC 2024, ensuring athletes and supporters can travel in comfort and style to our event.

Discounted Fares
Please use the link below to book in using Qantas discounted fairs, the access code that participants will need to access the discounted fares is 900521.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Qantas offer does not service all airports. The Qantas offer is approximately 5% off international flights and 10% off domestic flights. It may work out that there are cheaper methods for teams to travel to Australia via other carriers. It is the responsibility of each player to investigate options and work out which carrier and route is best for them.

DESTINATION AIRPORT: There are 2 viable options for players flying into the event:

A) Fly into Brisbane International Airport (BNE). This airport is approximately 77km from Surfers Paradise (1hr drive) and will require a bus or train or other vehicle (taxi service) to transit from airport to hotel.

B) Fly into Gold Coast (Cooloongatta) International Airport (OOL). This airport is approximately 27km (37min drive) and can be accessed by bus or tram service.


Once your team is registered we encourage all players and team managers to make timely and specific enquiries about VISA requirements to enter Australia.  Teams and individual players are fully responsible for ensuring that their own VISA arrangements are taken care of before attending WUC 2024.

WFDF can provide your team manager/administrator with a letter confirming your teams registration at the event.  WFDF can provide players with a letter confirming your participation as a player at the event after the player fees are paid and after the National Federation has supplied a roster endorsement letter with your name on it.

The National Federation will need to supply all the following information for all team members:

  • Full name (as shown on passport)
  • Passport number
  • Date of Birth
  • Role on team (eg: player, coach, manager etc)

An online form will be established in due course and advertised in future Bulletins.  Team Managers and players are encouraged to complete this form as early as possible to allow the hosts and WFDF to produce the letters confirming attendance.

Please note that the hosts cannot and will not provide a formal invitation to attend the event, and non-ability to enter Australia is not grounds to request a refund for team or player fees.


Australia has strict customs and biosecurity regulations that are vital to protect our unique environment.  It is important that you are aware of the entry process that you will need to comply with.   For more information please refer to the following:

Your airline or cruise line will give you an Incoming Passenger Card before you arrive in Australia.

You must correctly fill out your Incoming Passenger Card and:

  • declare any risk goods including food, animal products and plant material (including any wooden articles and especially including Ultimate cleats!)
  • dispose of any risk goods in the bins at the airport or sea port.

Declared risk goods will be inspected by a biosecurity officer. They may direct the goods for treatment, export or destruction. Goods that do not pose a biosecurity risk will be returned to you.

If you provide false or misleading information to a biosecurity officer or on your Incoming Passenger Card, or if you fail to answer questions about the goods or comply with directions given by a biosecurity officer, you may be:

  • given an infringement notice of up to $6,260
  • subject to civil penalty proceedings, and/or
  • prosecuted for a criminal offence.
  • Your visa may also be cancelled, and if so, you will be refused entry into Australia and you will not be eligible to apply to come to Australia again for up to three years.

For faster border clearance:

  • do not carry any fresh fruit or vegetables, plants, seeds, meat and animal or wood products
  • ensure that your footwear, sporting and recreational equipment is dry and clean (i.e. free from soil, seeds and grass) — including golf clubs, bikes and prams.

For Ultimate players:

  • Wash your cleats before entry into Australia!
  • If you’re intending to bring a bike – wash the bike before packing it.