Volunteer FAQ

As a full-time volunteer, what dates do I need to be on-site?

You’ll need to be with us from Thursday, Aug 29, to Sunday, Sep 8.

  • Arrival: Plan to get here by around 4 PM on the 29th (earlier is fine!) to settle in before we kick off with dinner and our induction session that evening.
  • Departure: Finals Day is on Saturday, Sep 7, followed by our epic wrap-up party! We’ve got your accommodation covered that night, with breakfast on Sunday, Sep 8. You can head off any time on Sunday.

What will I receive as a full-time volunteer?

Most importantly, major kudos and bragging rights! You’re the heartbeat of this event, making everything possible with your dedication and enthusiasm. 🌟

No, really… What do I get?

You’ve earned some awesome perks:

  • 10 nights’ accommodation at the Runaway Bay Performance Centre – just short 5mins walk from the fields
  • Two volunteer jerseys (one long-sleeve and one short-sleeve) – we’ll be the best-looking team at the tournament!
  • A full catering package to keep you fuelled.
  • Access to all the tournament social events – party time! 🎉

What type of accommodation is provided?

Volunteers will be spread between four adjacent lodges at the Gold Coast Performance Centre (the tournament venue). Most of you will be in four-bed dorms. We’ll do our best to match you with your preferred roommates and single/mixed-gender options

There are a number of twin single rooms, which are being designated in part at the Volunteer Manager’s discretion (based on participant need), and a bit of luck

What facilities are available in each lodge?

Each lodge has:

  • Communal bathrooms upstairs.
  • A lounge/dining/kitchen area downstairs – great for chilling out!
  • A TV, fridge, small freezer, toaster, kettle, cutlery and crockery.

Is the accommodation secure?

Absolutely! Each volunteer will be given a swipe card (which they will guard with their life!) which will give them access to their lodge and their room only. The laundry will remain open but the luggage storage room will be locked. A few people will have full access in case of lost cards and as security for those items in the luggage storage room. The storage room will only be opened at certain times so please ensure you keep your day-to-day belongings with you in your room.

What about meals?

From Aug 30 to Sep 7, you’ll get three meals a day, plus breakfast on Sep 8. Breakfast and Dinner will served in the dining hall at the Performance Centre. Lunch will be catered for at the Tournament Village.

We are not the only group that will be staying at the venue so we will have a particular window of time in which our meals will be available. Please respect the venue staff by arriving for meals during the allotted times.

If you have dietary needs, we’ve got you covered with special meal pick-ups.

How far is the accommodation from the fields?

Super close! You’re just a short 5mins walk from both the main venue and another set of fields. You’ll be rotating between these locations during the tournament.

What will my day look like during the tournament? What are my duties?

For the first few days, we will start with a morning briefing just before/after breakfast. Hopefully, as the tournament progresses and everyone starts to feel comfortable in their roles, this will become unnecessary. The tournament will have four timeslots for games each day, which we will break up into a morning shift (i.e. the first two timeslots) and an afternoon shift (the last two timeslots). From Tuesday to Friday, there will also be a showcase game during the evening.’

You will be either:

  • Time-keeping and score-keeping on a specific field during the morning or afternoon shifts.
  • Helping out with various tasks around the venue in the other shift.

And, just quietly, the more effective and efficient you are at completing the allocated tasks during this timeslot, the more time you will have to spend watching the tournament.

After the last game of the day, we’ll debrief together, have dinner, and then the evening is yours to enjoy.

Note: As previously mentioned, we would like to offer a jersey wash each night. The logistics of this will be communicated in time.

If I leave the accommodation at night, will I be able to get back in?

Absolutely! If you decide to head out for the night, you can still get back to your bed. The venue will chain-lock the gates every night at 10pm but you will be provided with a phone number on which you can call security to gain access. Please make sure you take your trusty swipe card with you to get back into your lodge and room!

Can I smoke on-site?

Sorry, no smoking allowed on-site. However, your swipe card lets you access the gates to the road where you can smoke off-premises. Please be respectful and keep the venue smoke-free.

What about consuming alcohol on-site?

The accommodation venue is a no-alcohol zone because it’s owned by the Queensland Department of Education. But don’t worry, we’ve got a designated area in the Tournament Village where you can enjoy a drink. Details will be shared during our induction on Sep 29.

Will we have the venue to ourselves?

No. The Gold Coast Performance Centre is a busy place. We’ll be sharing it with other sporting groups, including school kids. Please be respectful of them as you move about the venue.

What else might I want to know?

There’s a shopping centre nearby – the Runaway Bay Shopping Centre. It has everything you might need: pharmacies, medical care, supermarkets, banks, a post office, and some dining spots.

Note: Some details might be a bit different for a few volunteers based on prior arrangements. If that’s you, we’ll keep you in the loop.

Can’t wait to see you all there and make this tournament unforgettable!