We are thrilled to extend a special invitation to school groups for the upcoming World Ultimate Championships 2024, set to take place on the picturesque Gold Coast this September. This event promises an unparalleled opportunity for students to witness the pinnacle of ultimate Frisbee competition, featuring 49 teams from 26 locations vying for victory across Open, Women’s, and Mixed divisions.

What makes this event truly unique is the spirit of camaraderie and fair play ingrained in the sport. Even at the world championship level, Ultimate Frisbee maintains a self-refereed format, embodying the principles of sportsmanship and integrity encapsulated in the Spirit of the Game.

We warmly encourage schools to embrace this chance to immerse students in the electric atmosphere of competitive sportsmanship. By attending, students not only witness top-tier athleticism but also gain insight into the values of teamwork, respect, and fair play championed by the ultimate Frisbee community.

Event Details:

  • Venue: Runaway Bay Sports Precinct West, Sports Drive, Runaway Bay
  • Date: Saturday, 31st August to Saturday, 7th September

Special Offer for Schools: School groups are welcome to attend on weekdays (Monday to Friday) at no charge, making it an accessible and enriching experience for students.

Engagement Opportunities: Schools also have the chance to further engage with the tournament by supporting a team, participating in meet-and-greet events, and providing local sports fields for warm-up matches. These interactions offer invaluable experiences for students to connect with passionate athletes and gain insights into the global community of ultimate Frisbee.

For further details or to book a visit for your school group, please reach out to our Assistant Tournament Director, Natalie Robinson, at 0499 977 832 or via email at

Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to ignite your students’ passion for sportsmanship, athleticism, and global camaraderie at the World Ultimate Championships 2024. Join us on the journey to inspire the next generation of athletes and leaders!