Staff and Volunteer Application

The most important team participating at WUC 2024 will be the Volunteer staff team, made up of people who are committed to helping deliver a fantastic World Championship experience for the players and spectators.

Without a dedicated volunteer workforce no Championship event would be possible.

The hosts for WUC 2024 are seeking passionate and dedicated volunteers to help them deliver WUC 2024.

WUC 2024 volunteers will be provided with the following benefits to support them during their involvement:

  • Full accommodation (onsite at the Gold Coast Performance Centre for the duration of their involvement (
  • Full catering package for the duration of their involvement
  • Uniform
  • Orientation and training
  • Full access to all social functions & parties

In addition to the benefits package, volunteering at World Champs also creates lifelong friendships within the global Ultimate community and builds professional and personal networks.  Volunteering is a particularly good way for partners, family and friends of players to contribute to and participate in the event at very low cost.

Volunteer Staff Application
The WUC2024 hosts are seeking volunteers to work for the duration of the event.

FULL TIME volunteers are expected to arrive and depart on the following schedule:

ArriveThurs. August 29th 202410 nights accommodation + catering package provided 
DepartSunday Sept. 8th 2024

The hosts also recognise that there may be volunteers who are unable to commit to the full schedule and welcome those volunteers who can volunteer PART TIME at the event.  

PART TIME volunteers will be asked to nominate an arrival and departure dates in order to allow us to arrange appropriate accommodations.

NOTE: preference will be given to FULL TIME volunteers.

Volunteer Applicants are asked to complete the following application form.

The information provided will be kept secure (private and confidential).

For any questions and for all communications moving forward, please contact the volunteer administrator at

As appears on passport
If you prefer to use a different name
NOTE: For international applicants, we will request your passport number and a photo/copy of your passport at a later stage in order to issue you with a valid accreditation. This information will be kept secure and confidential.
Junior Volunteers (between 15-18 years of age). We CAN accept junior volunteers on the workforce (defined as between 15 and 18 years of age at the time of the event). We cannot accept any volunteers under the age of 15 years old. All junior volunteers must be accompanied, for the duration of their involvement, by a parent or guardian who must also be registered as a volunteer. Junior volunteers will be placed on work duties and in accommodation (where required) alongside their parent or guardian. Junior volunteer applicants must nominate the name of their parent or guardian below.
This parent or guardian MUST also submit a volunteer application form
Note: All communications from us will be from email address. Please ensure this address is added to your contacts so your emails don’t go to spam.
Do you have any specific dietary requirements that need to be considered eg: Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Nut free, Allergen Free, Vegetarian, Vegan etc…
The WUC2024 hosts are looking for volunteers that can commit to the entire event (FULL TIME) however we will also welcome those that can only commit to a portion of the event (PART TIME). Please nominate the dates that you are available to work at WUC 2024. Where applicants have selected PART TIME please nominate the days you will arrive at the venue and the day you will depart the venue. This will help us to ensure that you are accommodated. Note: We understand and that volunteers may not have yet arranged their travel plans, and that plans may change. We will need to confirm PART TIME arrivals and departures closer to the time – around early July 2024.
We encourage local, interstate and international volunteers. Please indicate if you DO or DO NOT require accommodation at the event.
We are interested in utilising any pre-existing tournament organisation experience that volunteer applicants may have. If you have previously staffed or volunteered at any major tournaments or sports events, and if you have a specialist skillset that you feel may be of value to our event – please let us know.
150 Words Max
We know that English may not be applicants first language however we do require a basic level of English for applicants to be able to participate.
We also value volunteers who are fluent/conversational in other languages. Please indicate if you can speak another language.
We will attempt to ensure that you are assigned duties that will allow you to follow your preferred team as much as possible.
If you have any specific cultural, social or physical considerations that we should be aware of or that may impact your ability to perform the required duties at WUC 2024 please feel free to indicate them here.